Fullerton Motorcyclist Killed in Los Angeles Accident

A Fullerton motorcyclist was killed last week in an accident caused when his motorcycle collided with a car that was making a turn. The accident occurred on Glen Oaks Blvd. in Los Angeles County.

The motorcyclist was riding a 2002 Yamaha Warrior, when his motorcycle crashed into a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Eclipse was being driven by a motorist driving in the southbound lanes on Glen Oaks Blvd. The two vehicles collided when the motorist made a left turn.

The motorcyclist sustained fatal injuries. Police have not arrested the motorist. A full investigation is being conducted.

When a motorcyclist is killed in an accident, survivors may bring a wrongful death action against the motorist or the person responsible for the death. A wrongful death action can include damages for a number of losses suffered by the survivors of the deceased. The charges include both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are monetary losses suffered by the survivors. These include funeral, burial and memorial service expenses for the deceased. Survivors may also be eligible for compensation for the loss of monetary support the deceased would have provided them over his lifetime.

A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can also help survivors to recover compensation for household services that the deceased would have performed. These household services include help with the children, buying groceries, and other household services that the deceased would have performed if he had been alive.

Non-economic damages will factor in the emotional losses suffered by the survivors which include loss of love, companionship and care, loss of consortium, and loss of the deceased’s guidance.

In California, a wrongful death action can be brought by the surviving spouse of the deceased, or the children of the deceased. In case the children are deceased, the grandchildren can bring an action. If there are no grandchildren, the next of kin may be eligible to file a lawsuit

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