High Risks of Motorcycle Accidents on Angeles Crest Highway

The Angeles Crest Highway has been an accident magnet for motorcyclists since part of the highway reopened a few months ago. Last week, the stretch of deadly highway witnessed yet another motorcycle accident.

The accident, which occurred near mile marker 28, left the motorcyclist with minor injuries. This was far from the only motorcycle accident the past week. The previous Sunday, California Highway Patrol troopers responded to 3 separate motorcycle accidents on the highway. All accidents occurred within 3 hours of each other.

In one accident, the rider crashed into the hillside, and suffered serious injuries. In the 2nd accident, a motorcyclist drove off the Angeles Crest Highway, landing in a bush. He suffered critical injuries, and had to be airlifted to the hospital. In the 3rd accident, a motorcycle rider slid off his motorcycle, suffering minor injuries.

The Angeles Crest Highway is known to Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers and motorcyclists as one of the deadliest stretches of highway in California. This stretch is also one of the most popular areas for motorcyclists, because of the staggering views.

However, it’s not the potential for skidding off the highway – which is very real – that is the biggest factor in most motorcycle accidents here. Very often, motorcyclists may find themselves lulled into a false sense of security, because the Angeles Crest Highway does not have too many extremely tight or sharp curves and turns, which would have encouraged motorcyclists to keep speeds in check. The turns on the highway are any motorcyclist’s dream – smooth turns that flow in a relaxed rhythm, lulling a motorcyclist into thinking that he is cruising along, and increasing confidence to dangerous levels.

Motorcyclists cruising on Angeles Crest Highway must focus 100% on the road, and avoid distractions for a safe riding experience.

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