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May Is for Motorcycle Safety

There will be a special focus on motorcycle safety awareness and prevention of motorcycle accidents this month. The month of May is being marked as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, to coincide with the beginning of the peak motorcycling season in California.

Many recreational motorcyclists will compete for space on our highways along with truckers and motorists this summer. Los Angeles Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys believe that it’s the right time to raise awareness about the need to protect motorcyclist rights and respect these.

Some initiatives are already being planned to put the focus back on motorcycle safety. Insurer Allstate is undertaking a campaign to install standardized motorcycle safety awareness signs across the country. The goal is to install these safety signs in more than 30 US cities by the end of 2012. Currently, there are no standard motorcycle safety signs used anywhere in the country.

The sign will read simply Watch for Motorcycles. According to Allstate, it developed these signs in order to help spread awareness about the need to watch out for motorcycles. The first installation will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next few months, the signs will be installed in cities across the country.

Many of the motorcycle crashes that Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers come across every year can be linked to motorists’ failure to look out for motorcycles. Allstate through its Once Is Never Enough campaign wants drivers to know that they need to look out at least twice for motorcycles at intersections. According to data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 45% of all multi-vehicle accidents in the United States occur at intersections. Motorists need to take more care to look out for motorcycles at intersections. Failure to do so very often causes accidents.

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