Motorcycle Accident Risks Increase During First Month

The first few months on the road are the riskiest times for motorcyclists.  According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, a motorcyclist’s risk of an accident is the highest during this period of time.  During these 30 days of motorcycling, a person is about four times more likely to be involved in an accident, compared to the entire second year of motorcycling.

A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute confirms this.  The researchers analyzed approximately 57,000 accident claims between 2003 and 2007.  Out of these, they found that 22% of the accidents occurred in the first 30 days after the accident insurance policy went into effect.  Accident claim rates rate declined thereafter.  It dropped about one third during the second month of motorcycling, and approximately two thirds after six months of motorcycling.

The risks for the so-called super sport motorcycles or superbikes are even higher.  More than 50% of insurance claims involving these bikes were filed during the first three months of motorcycling.

Another analysis of a motorcyclist’s risk of accidents also found that many motorcycle training programs likely lead to motorcyclists ending up on the road much quicker than they probably should.  These programs likely don’t prepare their students for real-life riding.

The study focused on state-required motorcycle training programs in California, Idaho, Florida and Oregon.  The researchers found that the accident frequency was about 10% higher compared to motorcyclists in those states which did not have motorcycle safety training program requirements.Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers wouldn’t take that to mean that a person shouldn’t undergo a motorcycle training program.  However, a few tweaks to the existing system wouldn’t hurt.  For instance, a person who completes the motorcycle safety training program is considered a fully licensed rider, which means that he does not have to spend as much time riding with a preliminary permit.  In states that do not have these training programs, drivers must spend time with a licensed motorcyclist before they’re able to ride independently. Changes to the existing system that add a preliminary phase to a motorcycling licensing program, even after a training course, may be beneficial in preventing accidents.

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