Los Angeles ATV Accident Lawyer

People love to ride all terrain vehicles. If you own, or plan to buy, an ATV, you need to know how to be a safe driver, and the steps to take if you have an ATV accident.

Know The Facts About ATV Safety

California is ranked as the number-one state for ATV accident fatalities. One reason is the choice of riding surfaces. Approximately thirty-three percent of all terrain vehicle fatalities occur on paved surfaces. Los Angeles ATV riders are safer riding on the beach, in the desert, or in off-highway parks specially designed for all-terrain vehicle riding.

Other factors can reduce the risk of an ATV accident injury. You should begin by taking a training course from an experienced instructor. Always wear protective clothing, including a helmet, when you ride.

An ATV is designed for a specific number of riders. Do not allow extra passengers when you are riding your all terrain vehicle. Never allow children under sixteen years of age to use an ATV designed for adults. It is a large, heavyweight, motorized vehicle. It is not a toy.

An ATV Accident Can Cause Serious Injuries

Nearly thirty percent of ATV injuries involve children under age sixteen. However, any driver or rider can sustain an injury. The most common injuries are injury to the hands and arms, torso, legs and feet, and neck or head.

Any injury requires immediate medical attention. In some cases, there can be internal injuries that are life-threatening. If you have an accident, seek medical assistance.

Even if you feel an injury is minor, it could lead to complications. Do not take any unnecessary risks after you have an ATV accident.

When You Have An Accident, You Need A Lawyer

An accident injury attorney is essential after an ATV accident. Even a minor injury can mean medical bills, losing time from work while you are recovering, and various other complications.

The Kornberg Law Firm can provide an accident injury attorney to help you. The number to call is (800) 466-3279.

You may be one of the many all terrain vehicle riders who never experiences an injury from an ATV accident. If you do, you need prompt medical and legal assistance. When you know your rights are protected, you can focus on recovering from your accident. Rather than undue concern over medical bills and living expenses, you can heal and move on with your life.

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