What You Need to Know: Los Angeles Segway Accident Safety

People throughout the Los Angeles area have found the Segway personal transporter makes life easier and more convenient. However, it is possible to have an accident while using a Segway. You should take safety precautions, but know what to do in the event of an injury.

The Popularity Of Segway Is Increasing

In California, some Los Angeles County Police officers use the Segway. It allows the officers to patrol a wider area in a shorter period of time.

The Segway PT is useful for Los Angeles residents. Disabled persons can conduct their everyday lives with less difficulty. People who are not disabled can reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

As the Segway PT is battery-operated, it eliminates the costs associated with driving a car, and is better for the environment.

It Is Possible To Have An Accident Injury While Using A Segway

A common cause of injury is a malfunction in the device. There have been numerous lawsuits against Segway, Inc., filed by individuals claiming the devices malfunctioned. Since Segway was made available to the general public, there have been two recalls of Segway devices.

Speed is another cause of injury. The high rate of speed can be dangerous if the rider is not capable of controlling the device, or if it malfunctions while he is using it.

In addition to these risks, there is also the risk of an accident due to pedestrians, individuals driving motor vehicles, and weather conditions.

If an accident occurs, it can result in serious injuries. Fractures, injury to the back or neck, and brain trauma can occur. You may also experience emotional stress after you have been involved in an accident.

Contact The Kornberg Law Firm If You Have An Accident

If you experience an injury from a Segway accident in Los Angeles, you can receive the help you need from the Kornberg Law firm. While you should not hesitate to obtain medical care, you also need an experienced accident injury attorney.

Your attorney will obtain the facts from you, as well as any witnesses who saw the accident occur. He will determine the cause of the accident so you can file a lawsuit.

After a Segway accident, your main concern is to heal from your injury. When you have confidence in your attorney, you do not have to worry about the legal aspects of your accident. Recovering from the injury can be your priority. Call (800) 466-3279, and ask us to handle your case.

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